State-of-the-art Equipment Quality Assemblies

...Meritronics is a Silicon Valley and Las Vegas based EMS and ODM company with multiple facilities in U.S., Taiwan, and China. We are specialized in PCB assembly, BGA assembly, BGA rework, Cable assembly, System assembly, RMA repair services, and global logistic support.

  • We can take your project from any stage of the product cycle. From concept rendering, Industrial Design, Product Design, circuit design, mechanical design, PCB layout, component sourcing, prototype, pilot run, small production, high volume product, product service, RMA, drop shipment.
  • We have best equipment in the industry to serve your toughest electronics assembly needs.
  • Our local Northern California Silion Valley factory supports over 200 customers yearly to shorten their time to market and one stop shopping from prototype to overseas production.
  • Our local Las Vegas factory ensure timely support to our Gaming Equipment customers from the gaming center of the world.




Technology Leader in the Industry:

- We are placing 3000 ball BGAs and 0.007" pitch flip chips. We have best equipment to handle your complex designed PCBAs.

- We can install 22 jumper wires under your BGA if you ever have the needs

Low Cost and Production Ready Design:

- Our effective design center in U.S. and low cost Asian offices help you reduce cost of products

- Design done by Meritronics will be tools ready and production ready.

Quality is our top priority:

- Our ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 quality system is well designed for ensure quality products going out of door.

- QCC circle meeting daily to drive quality to highest level possible.

Our quality policy:

- Quality first
- On-time delivery
- Excellent customer service, and
- Cost competitiveness

Execution is the key: Speed, Accuracy, and Precision with Flexibilities with win-win strategy for mutual growth.